Airless Spray
High Volume, Low Pressure
Multi Color
Metal Restoration: 
Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum
BB&D Electrostatic Painting Offers You...
  •  Convenience – Work can be preformed at your location or delivered to ours
  •  No Interruption – We are available to work both day and night shifts to meet your needs
  •  Durable Epoxy Finish – equivalent to factory baked finishes
  •  Urethane Finish and Enamel Finish
  •  Wide choice of  colors
  •  Satin-Semi-High Gloss Finishes
  •  Fast Curing
  •  No Overspray – No Mess
  •  Professionally Skilled and Trained
We can perform an initial one time basis refinishing, as well as continuing care on a contract basis. 
BB & D offers a sample/demonstration of our services at minimal charge.

Multi-color is a unique coating system designed for interior and exterior metal surfaces using multiple colors on the same surface. An attractive way to give a fresh contemporary look to metal walls, iron doors, displays, metal furniture, etc. In your home, hospitals, schools, office areas, dept. stores, or anywhere durability and appeal are wanted.

BB&D Sandblasting...
Abrasive blasting (commonly known as sandblasting) is a surface preparation technique for paint, coatings and restoration.   Abrasive blast equipment uses compressed air to entrain and accelerate the media through a blast hose.  As the abrasive media exits the blast nozzle and impacts the target, it removes residue, chipping and flaking paint, rust and scale.  The adhesion and lifetime of the new paint coating relies on the surface cleanliness. 

Benefits of Sandblasting
Abrasive blasting is commonly used for cleaning, rust removal, oxide removal, paint removal, paint stripping, scale removal and surface profiling.  Metals are quickly profiled to accept primer, fillers, electrostatic coatings, and other painting processes.

BB&D Electrostatic Refinishes...

· Appliances
· Trailers: Cargo, Horse, Cattle, Utility, and Flat
· Fencing
· Wrought Iron Railing
· Patio Furniture
· Flower Pots
· Garage Doors
· Gates
· Mailboxes
· Picnic Tables
· Swings
· And More….
· Office Furniture
· Shelving
· Partitions
· Lockers
· Lab Equipment
· Industrial Machinery
· Appliances
· Elevators
· Medical Equipment
· Tubs, Tile, and Sinks
· Frames and Structures
· Exterior Buildings
· Doors and Windows
· And More…..

Discount for Neighborhood Associations!
For Service Contract,  Payments by Associations will receive
discounts on mailboxes, gates, street signs and garage doors.

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